Daisy Duchens
Daisy Duchens

From her 8th grade teacher to family friends, to peers for prom and formals, Daisy Duchens loved styling everyone's hair from an early age. Finally Daisy Duchens landed a receptionist position at a hair salon and this marked the beginning of her career in the fast-paced hair styling business.

Currently, a stylist and salon owner in Miami, Daisy Duchens considers herself "forever a student." Daisy Duchens constantly educates herself and travels at least four times a year, taking advanced education courses.

Daisy Duchens loves a good challenge and says her overwhelming desire to grow and evolve inspired her to attend the open call for "Shear Genius." Daisy Duchens' inspiration comes from stylists with simple backgrounds, whose careers were fueled by hard work and dedication, like Vivienne Mahckinder, Horst Rechelbacher, and Vidal Sassoon.

When she's not in the salon, Daisy Duchens loves to sing and says she would have been a singer if she hadn't become a stylist. Daisy Duchens also loves cooking, traveling, movies, photography and art.