Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Evangelin a.k.a. "Eva Diva," grew up in nearby Reisterstown. When the opportunity to attend the open casting for "Shear Genius" came about, Evangelin felt she was at a cross roads in her life, in search for a way to connect, grow and inspire. Evangelin jumped at the chance to compete head-to-head with other designers and saw it as a way to challenge herself and to inspire others to follow their passions.

For Evangelin, daily inspiration comes from the people she surrounds herself with: her supportive boss, co-workers and clients are essential to her success. Moreover, Evangelin feels her clients are her number one motivation. From conservative to funky folks, Evangelin's clients allow her to create and not conform, which is why she considers what she does an art form.

Evangelin sees herself as an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. Evangelin is married with children and hopes one day to open her own salon. Evangelin is focusing her current efforts on launching a non-profit event called Fierce Passion and Fashion, evolving as a stylist and connecting with as many people as possible is her mission.