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Rene Fris
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Born and raised in Denmark, Rene Fris started his own salon 15 years ago. His work behind the scenes in television and film led to an elite private clientele across the globe including many of Europe's royal families. Fris has become a household name in the styling world. His editorials and high-style reputation for hair cutting, coloring, and makeup have taken him around the world to places like Sydney, Japan, Italy, London and the United States. Quickly realizing his career was on the verge of international status, Fris decided to follow the "American Dream" by moving to New York in 1999. Arriving in New York with over a decade of experience and an unconventional approach to style, Fris soon found himself as the head stylist at Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Salon and at Saks Fifth Avenue. The list of celebrities and models that have passed through his doors is endless, as he has had more than a hundred stylists working under him. Fris' unique 'whole person' approach to style and uncanny personality sets him apart from the crowd in the minds of his clients. By genuinely getting to know who they are as people, he is able to consider their personality, lifestyle, and inner qualities to create an individual's personal statement. As Fris says, "You have to look deep inside a person and expose the beauty which they may not even see in themselves. It makes people feel confident and happier about themselves." From the Red Door Salon and Spa, Fris went on to be a celebrity stylist for John Frieda salons in New York City. From there, Fris was selected to be a part of "Fab Five" in Europe, where the successful show garnered multiple seasons and more opportunities for him. He has written two best selling books - "his" and "hers" books covering grooming and overall body care. With all of his accomplishments, Fris has not lost focus on what is most important. He has found a way of individually creating a style and fashion sensibility that his clients are comfortable with, thereby equating true happiness with the art of making people look and feel amazing.